Woodchips from Maitreja JSC

We supply various grades of softwood chips for numerous applications:

  • Biomass for Energy
  • Woodchips for Board and MDF
  • Woodchips for Pulp and Paper

Maitreja JSC supplies woodchips mainly towards local district heating networks, municipalities, energy companies, energy traders, and industrial companies with woodchips burning facilities. We have stable and abundant sources for all our forest products. Woodchips are shipped usually by trucks,  railcars, or vessels (from ports Klaipeda, and Riga).

Maitreja JSC has long-term leased railcars for the transportation of woodchips. That means you can always count on a constant supply. Besides this, when wood chips are transported by own park railcars, there is a lower risk of unwanted admixture such as stones, iron pieces, etc., which can be a crucial problem for some manufacturers.