Mulches are loose coverings placed on the surface of soil.

Depending on the type of mulch used, there are many benefits of mulching including:
Help soils retain moisture; Reduce watering; Suppress weeds; Improve soil organic matter; Provide nutrients; Deter some pests; Warm up soil in spring; Protect plant roots from extreme hot and cold temperatures; Encourage beneficial soil organisms; Provide a barrier for edible crops coming into contact with soil; Give a decorative finish.

We are trader of mulch that can improve your landscape, soil, walkways, garden and flower beds. Bulk delivery is available. Whether you need general yard mulch, garden mulch or larger quantities of landscaping mulch, we have a variety of options.

Spruce Mulch
Our Spruce Mulch is a combination of spruce and pine trees. Spruce has a fragrant scent, is not dyed and has a natural medium brown color. Entirely natural, organic and economical.This is a 100% natural product with a distinctive pine scent. Produced with wood fiber.

Natural Blend
Our natural hardwood blend is double ground to produce a medium fine texture. It provides a smooth and natural appearance to landscaping.
Nature’s Blend mulch is a non-dyed hardwood mulch that starts out dark brown in color, is commonly used for common grounds, neighborhood entrances, and homeowners who want a cheap yet attractive mulch.

Black Mulch
Black Mulch provides moisture and weed control, suitable for both evergreens and deciduous plants. This is another big seller that brings out the color in your beds.

Pine Bark Mulch

Pine bark mulch makes an excellent garden mulch. It has a reddish, brown color and can be used as a soil conditioner for acid loving plants. It is ideal for loosening up dense soils and promoting root growth.

Color Mulch

Choose a mulch color that goes with the exterior of your home. Darker mulch can be a good contrast to brightly colored flowers.